Reducing the negative environmental impact of products is just one facet of a successful sustainability initiative.

Sustainable Products

Reducing the negative environmental impact of products is just one facet of a successful sustainability initiative.

Sustainable Products

Enhance your brand and sales with truly sustainable products.

A groundswell of legislation and buyer awareness has dramatically increased the demand for sustainable products. Meet the resulting opportunities and responsibilities successfully with us.

Businesses need a clear, well-defined product sustainability strategy (Life Cycle Thinking) to deliver positive results across the entire life of a product, from concept and design to end-of-life. Our sustainability software helps you mitigate risks, reduce costs, and strengthen your brand with an integrated sustainable approach to product development. Intelligent workflows and response also enable better engagement with your stakeholders and your entire value chain for transparent performance management.

Product sustainability consulting services

Product sustainability software solutions

Both the consultancy services of thinkstep and the use of the thinkstep software have assisted us in our product-related environmental measures. New automobiles can be analysed regarding their environmental impacts early in the design phase and optimization potentials identified.

Dr Ralf Schnell, Porsche

Your Benefits

Expand your product range and increase sales

Create more sustainable products to increase product appeal and sales. Our tools help you bring more sustainable products to new and existing markets faster to help you maintain a competitive edge.

Build up your brand reputation

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainable design to attract and retain the strongest investors, customers, and talent. Strengthen public awareness of your brand as a leader in sustainable design and social responsibility.

Improve risk management

Prevent costly incidents throughout your value chain with advanced tools for supplier performance management. Quickly identify and mitigate risks, preserving margins and brand value, with automated notifications, triggers, and workflows.

Reduce costs

Use our Life Cycle Thinking to fully analyse product attributes and identify opportunities for reducing environmental impact. Manage projects more efficiently with accurate cost and risk assessments.

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