Sustainable Business

Building a sustainable business

Let us help you embed sustainability reporting, risk management, and resource efficiency into the core operations and value chain of your business.

Sustainable Businesses

Today’s complex global value chains carry substantial risks and opportunities across sectors.

Governments, investors, customers, and communities demand increased scrutiny and transparency. Our sustainability software and consulting services helps you mitigate risks, reduce costs, and strengthen the brand of your business with an integrated sustainable approach.

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Benefits to Your Business Sustainability

Increase employee productivity

Use the world’s most reliable and up-to-date data, methods, and tools to reduce errors and the time needed to identify and optimise issues. Manage projects more efficiently based on accurate costs, risks, and ROI assessments.

Build up your brand reputation

Communicate your commitment to business sustainability more widely and effectively to internal and external stakeholders. Strengthen general public awareness of your brand as leader in business sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Attract and retain the best employees

Companies that make a lower environmental impact can promote social responsibility as a benefit. Use our sustainability software to create and communicate a sustainable approach to potential and existing employees.

Boost operational and value chain efficiency

Eliminate double-work and optimize processes with consistent, automated data collection from all sources. Use our advanced tools  to identify underperforming sites and track supplier performance throughout your value chain.

Improve risk management

Anticipate and prevent costly incidents throughout your value chain with advanced tools for supplier performance management. Quickly identify and resolve risks thanks to automated notifications, triggers and workflows.

What is Business Sustainability?

Business Sustainability has a clear business value for companies of all sizes and in all sectors. Despite tough economic circumstances, more than two-thirds of businesses are strengthening their commitment to sustainability, according to a new global study. A United Nations survey found that more than 9 out of 10 CEOs consider it important to their future success.

The benefits of business sustainability are real and attractive: top line revenue growth, brand enhancement, reduced costs, and reduced risk. To reap the benefits however, you need a com-prehensive plan rooted in a clear business case.  An effective sustainability plan communicates a sense of direction and purpose, unifies efforts, sets goals and priorities, builds motivation and momentum, and aligns sustainability goals with the company’s overall business objectives. It delivers the hoped-for business results. This plan is what you are ‘selling’ when you build a busi-ness case for sustainability in your company.

Best practices that foster business sustainability:

  • Stakeholder engagement: Learn from customers, employees and their surrounding community
  • Environmental management system: An EMS system provides the structures and processes that help embed business sustainability into a firm’s culture and mitigate risks. The most widely recognized standard worldwide is ISO 14001, but numerous other industry-specific and country-specific standards exist;
  • Reporting and disclosure: Measurement and Monitoring data is essential for business sustainability. The Global Reporting Initiative is one of many examples of well-recognised reporting standards;
  • Life Cycle Assessment: Business sustainability means systematically analyse and assess the environmental and social impact of your products

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