SoFi Content

Access the most comprehensive source of corporate sustainability data in the world with SoFi Content.

SoFi Impact Libraries

The SoFi Impact Libraries sections enhances accounting for the GHGs as listed in the Kyoto Protocol based on the respective scopes (scope 1, scope 2, scope 3 and All scopes) and is also flexible to account for any other type of impact category as e.g. AP (Acidification Potential), EP (Eutrophication Potential).

SoFi Benchmark Library

The SoFi benchmarking module is a comprehensive tool that allows you to compare your buildings, your company or your products with global and / or sector specific benchmarking data.

SoFi Best Practice Library

SoFi includes a list of over 100.000 best practices in energy and resource efficiency from over 12.000 companies.

Disclosure Management Framework

Manage publications of your environmental data with the Disclosure Management Tool. Thinkstep provides templates for environmental reporting standards, such as GRI Standards, CDP and GRESB.