GaBi DfX

GaBi DfX

Save time and money: automate your life cycle assessment - with GaBi DfX.

GaBi DfX

Creating your life cycle assessments requires accurate information about the processes and materials used in the manufacture of your product.

For multi-component products, modeling all the components of a product is very time-consuming. GaBi DfX does most of the work for you.

Create your LCA directly from existing bill of materials

All materials and individual parts of your products are already included in your bill of materials. With GaBi DfX you import your BOMs and generate the corresponding LCA model.

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Your Benefits

Automated import of your bills of materials

Huge reductions in the time and manpower needed for LCAs of complex products

Standard import files are supported (.txt or .csv)

Customizability of import interfaces

Visualization of bills of materials in a transparent product model

Adoption of structure and product hierarchy of your bill of materials

Automatic allocation of materials and manufactoring processes to GaBi datasets

Tracing of hazardous materials and illegal substances

Check for conformity with various directives and regulations

EU Directive on End-of-Life Vehicles (2000/53/EC)

Road vehicles recyclability and recoverability (ISO 22628)

Japan Automotive Shredder Residue ASR