Product Compliance Software

Enable material-aware product design and manage substance compliance and sustainability with an integrated approach

Product Compliance Software

As consumers demand for smarter, stronger, cost efficient, more functional and more sustainable products, the management of substance compliance and product sustainability early in the lifecycle becomes a vital objective.

Our applications help you manage material data and substance compliance information throughout the product lifecycle. We empower you to design innovative products with sustainability in mind and check your product structure for compliance with various environmental compliance regulations such as RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals, Prop 65, POPs, Biocide,…. and others. It helps you to automate your supplier compliance declaration processes and also to speed up your outbound declaration and reporting processes.

Accompanying services, including workshops, starting from implementation to hosting or fully managed services, ensure you get the most effective solution based on your need.

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Key Features

Integrate material & compliance management with product life cycle management

Link the life cycle of your material data with the life cycle of your product (PLM). Make smarter decisions about materials and compliance early in the product lifecycle.

Leverage Cloud Technology

Consume as a cloud service or through local deployment, use through mobile devices or on your desktop. The user interface is intuitive and clean.

Benefit from Scalability and easy Integration

Integrate with supplier portals, ERP, PLM or CAD Systems to enable seamless workflows and lean process support across functions.

Collaborate across your organization and value chain

Leverage workflow automation and integrations to share material and compliance information in a defined manner within and beyond your organization.

What our clients say

With Substance Compliance and BOMcheck, we efficiently address our environmental compliance needs while improving our business processes to save time and money.

Michael Burmester, Head of product data and process management, WAGO

Using Substance Compliance for our product sustainability framework, we can reduce the presence of hazardous substances used in our products, increase supply chain transparency, and address our Ecodesign objectives.

John Hunter, Engineering Manager for Chemical Management, Caterpillar

Key Applications

Design with the material in mind

Design innovative products with materials in mind, then optimize and validate the use of materials from engineering analysis and simulation through manufacturing.

Automate supplier material disclosure

Leverage exchange and workflow automation as well as integration in portals like BOMcheck , IMDS or others.

Trace restricted substances

Check your parts, products or whole portfolio against specific substances in accordance with various environmental compliance regulations (REACH, RoHS, Prop65, Conflict Minerals, etc.).

Monitor, Analyse and Report Product Compliance

Use compliance for the status of materials and in design and engineering, report compliance declarations according to standards and export into portals such as BOMcheck and IMDS.

Benefits to Your Business

Reduce development cost

Reduce risks and costs while streamlining the development of compliant products with thinksteps compliance software. Quickly identify materials of concern and hazardous substances in your products.

Increase efficiency through integration

Increase efficiency with the quick and easy selection and use of materials PLM and various CAD and simulation tools.

Reduce error and costly rework

Reduce error by automating the exchange of material and substance declarations with suppliers and integrating environmental compliance early in the product design stage.

Protect your reputation and brand value

Enhance public awareness of your environmental credentials and position your brand as a leader in corporate social responsibility. Pull ahead of competitors in positive perception of your commitment to product and material sustainability.