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EDGE Green Building Certification

How can I get my project certified by EDGE?

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EDGE Green Building Certification

Create resource-efficient buildings quickly, easily, and affordably

An innovation of IFC (International Finance Corporation), EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) shows property developers how fast, easy and affordable it is to build and brand green. EDGE, the next generation of environmental building certification standards, can also be used as a design tool, to help prove the business case for building green.

EDGE’s simple, intuitive interface is supported by data such as climatic conditions, use patterns, technologies and typical practices in nearly 100 countries. This makes it possible to assess the environmental and economic impact of design decisions in just minutes. From just a few simple inputs, EDGE will first calculate the energy and water efficiency of the base case (if built in line with standard / typical practice).

Selecting the energy / water efficiency measures planned, EDGE will calculate the incremental and operational costs that the improved design can achieve.

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Four steps to EDGE Certification

Step 1 Assess your project

You can use EDGE for free! Access the tool at www.edgebuildings.com. Once you have registered, you can create a new project get started straight away. Just enter basic building data, so that EDGE can calculate a base case. You can then use the intuitive, simple interface to begin optimising your design, finding the most cost effective way of achieving the EDGE standard.

Step 2 Register your project

There is no need to track down an EDGE Auditor, you just need to fill in this registration form and send it to edge@thinkstep.com describing where and what your building project is and thinkstep and SGS will take care of the rest. We will provide two offers, one for the registration and certification (from thinkstep), and the other for the Audit (from SGS).

Step 3 Audit

In order to prepare for a successful audit, you should prepare the documentation required. Once your registration fees have been paid, we will forward you a link to our file sharing platform and you can start uploading your documents. You can then provide your SGS auditor access to the files and to the EDGE assessment you have completed.

Step 4 Certification

Whether your project is at design stage or post construction the SGS auditor will carry out a thorough audit of your EDGE assessment and the evidence you have provided. Once they are satisfied that the standard has been achieved and that sufficient evidence to support the claims they will submit the audit the thinkstep for certification.