thinkstep at the CDP Europe Spring Workshops

Date: 24/04/2018

thinkstep gave an inspiring marketplace session about "Bringing it together - Tool-based integration of Scope 3 & more" at several CDP Europe Spring Workshops in Europe.

About CDP:

CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) is an international non-profit that drives companies and governments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard water resources and protect forests.

CDP hosts a series of interactive workshops every spring. These highly attended annual events mark the start of the yearly carbon, water and forest reporting cycle. The workshops aim to make the disclosure process as easy as possible for companies and to deepen the knowledge on natural capital disclosure. The events will provide hands-on assistance in responding to the CDP 2018 questionnaires. Participants will be encouraged to share ideas, ask questions and take part in break-out sessions with experts in various aspects of disclosure.


"Bringing it together - Tool-based integration of Scope 3 & more"

Carbon reporting under the CDP scheme requires consideration of Scope 3 emissions. At the same time, businesses are dealing with a range of sustainability aspects and principles, such as CSR and integrated reporting, supply chain management, Circular Economy, Cradle-to-Cradle and product carbon and environmental footprints. In the marketplace session, thinkstep experts showcased how these topics are related and how synergies can be used between them.

thinkstep's participation the CDP Europe Spring Workshops:

  • Frankfurt, Germany on April 10 by Matthias Fesl, Senior Account Manager and Annika Bruß, Consultant, Global Service Delivery/Integrated Solutions
  • Helsinki, Finland on April 17 by Jan Poulsen, CEO thinkstep and Ulf Gilberg, Director Nordics
  • Stockholm, Sweden on April 18 by Jan Poulsen, CEO thinkstep and Ulf Gilberg, Director Nordics
  • Zurich, Switzerland on April 20 Johannes Gediga, Global VP Sustainable Metals, Mining & Manufacturing, Global Sales/ Solution Sales/ M&M&M and Miriam Valkenberg, Pre-Sales Specialist SoFi Software, Product Management

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