How to boost environmental credentials and market reputation

Date: 18/07/2018

thinkstep published an article on "How to boost environmental credentials and market reputation" in The Green List.

If you want your building products to be fully transparent about their environmental credentials and stand out to buyers you need third-party certification.

Photo courtesy of BlueScope Steel

In Australia and New Zealand, thinkstep Australasia works with businesses and manufacturers to develop metrics-based Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs). These are two related tools that forward-looking companies use to provide accurate information on products ranging from plasterboard, instant hot water taps and plywood through to entire buildings.

Chief executive of thinkstep Australasia, Dr Barbara Nebel, says that for companies competing for market share with imports, an EPD puts them on an equal footing with competitors that are already providing one. It also puts them ahead of those that aren’t by delivering certainty around product certification and a clear view of a product’s environmental impacts.

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