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Product Compliance

Enable material-aware product design and manage substance compliance with an integrated approach.

Product Compliance Software

Integrated material and substance compliance management can be a major competitive advantage, but using multiple systems to track the vast amount of information is costly and time-consuming.

Our Product Compliance Software Suite helps you manage material data and substance compliance information throughout the product lifecycle. We empower you to design innovative products with the material in mind and check your Bill of Materials (BoM) for specific substances in accordance with various environmental compliance regulations.

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Manage material data and substance compliance information throughout the product lifecycle.

Key features

Design with the material in mind

Design innovative products with materials in mind, then optimize and validate the use of materials from engineering analysis and simulation through manufacturing.

Integrate material management with product life cycle management

Link the life cycle of your material data with the life cycle of your product (PLM). Our integrated material management transforms material data into true product intelligence, so you can make smarter decisions about materials.

Use your Bill of Material to trace restricted substances

Simply take your existing product data in the form of a Bill of Materials (BoM) and use our tools to quickly and easily check your product against specific substances in accordance with various environmental compliance regulations (REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, custom).

Top Applications

Compliance Risk Screener (SolidWorks)

Import SolidWorks data directly and maps against compliance data. Check if any of the components and materials within products are subject to compliance regulations.


Check your Bill of Materials for risks of non-compliance with the RoHS regulations or European REACH regulation.

Substance Compliance Manager

Draw compliance information from your supply chains and validate the compliance of your own products for various regulations (REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals etc.) early in the design phase.

Integrated Materials Manager

Get a holistic view of material data for use in all phases of the product lifecycle. Select, understand and use material consistently over PLM, CAD and ERP systems.

    Benefits to Your Business

    Reduce development cost

    Reduce risks and costs while streamlining the development of compliant products with thinksteps compliance software. Quickly identify materials of concern and hazardous substances in your products.

    Increase efficiency through integration

    Increase efficiency with the quick and easy selection and use of materials in Teamcenter PLM and various CAD and simulation tools such as Solidworks.

    Reduce error and costly rework

    Reduce error by automating the exchange of material and substance declarations with suppliers and integrating environmental compliance early in the product design stage.

    Protect your reputation and brand value

    Enhance public awareness of your environmental credentials and position your brand as a leader in corporate social responsibility. Pull ahead of competitors in positive perception of your commitment to product and material sustainability.

    Improve Customer satisfaction

    Provide a single source of accurate and compliant data and customer sanctioned materials to support design for the environment (DfE) initiatives for customers

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    What is product compliance?

    Products need to be safe and sustainable. Today Governments worldwide have implemented strict rules and requirements with regards to product safety and the environment. Product compliance ensures that products meets requirements in the form of directives, regulations and harmonised standards like REACH, RoHS or Conflict Minerals.

    Managing product compliance and the processes around it enables you to save time, reduce costs and mitigate risks.