GaBi Lifecycle Engineering Software - share product sustainability information easy and quick.

Life Cycle Engineering

Make it easy to collaborate, gauge environmental impact, and optimise  sustainability across your entire product portfolio.

Life Cycle Engineering

Sustainability is everyone’s business but it can be difficult for the teams of experts and stakeholders in a business to collaborate on the relevant issues and opportunities.

We make it easy and quick to share product sustainability information and results in a language everyone can understand.

Our data, methods, and sustainability software tools help you improve sustainability at every step, from conception to production and end-of-life. Increase overall sustainability performance for your simplest components and your most complex products with our GaBi Software products for Life Cycle Engineering.

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Selected GaBi Products for Life Cycle Engineering

GaBi Professional

World’s leading Life Cycle Assessment software. Combining powerful modelling, decision-support and reporting capabilities, connected to the world’s best LCA data.

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GaBi DfX

Act on to the requirements of directives, laws and clients and ensure your enterprise's cost effectiveness. Use one, transparent product model for all life cycle considerations.

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    GaBi Packaging Calculator

    Identify the most sustainable design for your packaging.

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    GaBi Envision

    Product design tool to create and compare scenarios based on key sustainability attributes to quickly and accurately test the impact of different design decisions.

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    Benefits to Your Business

    Increase productivity

    Use the world’s most reliable and up-to-date data, methods, and tools to reduce errors and the time needed to identify and optimise issues. Manage projects more efficiently based on accurate costs, risks, and ROI assessments.

    Expand your product range and increase sales

    Create more sustainable products to gain a competitive advantage in your market and enter new markets. Our tools help you guide development of lower-impact designs for everything from components to cars and buildings.

    Reduce costs

    Prioritise projects and resources more effectively, in alignment with company strategy, and reduce operational costs. Spend less money and time on data collection and reporting. Maximise ROI and scale up systems as needed.

    Better risk management

    Collect more audit-proof data, faster, to avoid costly errors of compliance and safety. Our collaborative, automated tools enable all stakeholders to flag issues sooner and make more deeply informed design and production decisions. 

    Build up your brand reputation

    Communicate your commitment to sustainability more widely and effectively to attract and retain the best talent. Strengthen general public awareness of your brand as leader in corporate social responsibility.

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