Product Stewardship

Our solutions for product sustainability and product compliance enable you to design more sustainable products and manage substance compliance.

Life Cycle Engineering

Make it easy to collaborate, gauge environmental impact, and optimise  sustainability across your entire product portfolio.

Career Opportunities

Become a giant in sustainability.

Product Design & Innovation

Design more sustainable products and bring them to market faster with sustainability software tools that help you benchmark materials and collaborate more efficiently.

Our Partners

We partner with recognised organisations all around the world.

Product & Portfolio Reporting

Quickly move from identifying product sustainability hotspots to creating full product declarations — no LCA expertise required.

Supply Chain Compliance

Ensure your suppliers understand, comply and keep up-to-date with an increasing number of substance regulations. Keep up-to-date with new substance regulations and respond to customer requests.

Product Compliance and Material Management

Enable material-aware product design and manage substance compliance with an integrated approach.

End of Life Compliance

Identify your legal exposure to WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), Batteries and Packaging recycling regulations around the world and implements cost-effective and compliant recycling arrangements in every country.