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Energy & Carbon Management

Monitor and optimize energy use across your entire organisation with SoFi Software. We make it simple to take charge of energy consumption across your organisation.

Energy & Carbon Management

SoFi Software for energy and carbon management makes it simple to take charge of energy consumption across your organization so you can improve efficiency and sustainability while reducing energy spend.

Automated data collection and workflows help you identify energy usage trends and opportunities to improve; for example, you get a clear snapshot of energy spend mapped to business metrics and your profit and loss (P&L). Optimize energy performance management with our advanced forecasting tools, project portfolio and ROI planning features, and big data analytics. Perform quick energy efficiency checks on equipment and processes.

SoFi Software and its modules integrate easily with your existing Building Management Systems, Operational Energy & Carbon Management and ERP systems.

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Benefits to Your Business

Transparent energy performance across the organization

Integrate and create a coherent energy performance view across the entire organization. Configurable KPIs and targets for sites, business units, regions or the entire organization help map energy performance to business metrics and demonstrate ROI company-wide.

Increased energy efficiency

Identify underperforming sites and discover opportunities for more energy efficiency with the performance analysis and benchmarking tools in our energy management software. Plan improvements with our best practice library and reduce energy costs by 2%-10%. 

Operational risk management

Anticipate and prevent costly incidents with our advanced software tools for energy performance management. Quickly identify and resolve operational risks thanks to automated notifications, triggers and workflows.

Regulatory Risk Management

We make it simple to comply with energy efficiency and reporting regulations with highly configurable reporting and compliance software tools. Drive energy programs in line with standards such as ISO 50001 using our project management and ROIU planning tools.

SoFi Modules for Energy & Carbon Management

Ressource Forecasting

Use advanced resource management functionalities - including shared performance dashboards, ‘what-if’ scenarios, and resource simulations - for efficient planning, management, reporting and forecasting the impact of business decisions. 


Capture consumption data from any existing metering or ERP system and spreadsheets to enable rapid analysis, reporting, and planning. Quickly and easily assess the latest performance data and reduce time spent collecting, validating, and reporting data with our pre-built workflows.


Integrate bill and meter data coming from smart meters or utility providers into your reporting cycle without any extra efforts, even if the term spans don´t match your reporting cycle.

Targets & Actions

Add powerful functionality to achieve tangible business benefits, such as reduced cost or improved performance and keep track of target achievement. Includes KPI analysis, benchmarking, planning and forecasting and ROI analysis.

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