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Building Portfolio Management Software

Fulfil investor demand and increase the value of your real estate portfolio with a scalable approach to sustainability.

Building Portfolio Management

You don’t have to be an expert to improve sustainability across your building portfolio

Let us help you get your property certified to green building standards and demonstrate good management practices.

Our software suite of automated tools make it simpler and faster to collect data, complete reports, and benchmark your building portfolio against peers. Plus, our automated data quality checks, pre-built workflows, and fully transparent audit trail allow you to complete GRESB, CDP, and GRI questionnaires quickly and with confidence.

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Top Applications

GRESB Reporter

Streamlined GRESB reporting. Speed data collection and validation and submit sustainability performance information for real estate portfolios automatically to GRESB.

CDP Reporter

Accredited CDP responses. Collect, validate and submit performance information to CDP using always the latest questionnaires.

GRI Reporter

Certified GRI sustainability reporting. Build a report in accordance with the most recent GRI framework for the Construction and Real Estate sector including data collection, data validation and KPI calculation.

Building Portfolio Manager

Holistic Portfolio Management. Integrate sustainability KPIs into real estate portfolio management and report to multiple standards e.g. ENERGY STAR, LEED, BREEAM

Key Features

The Latest Surveys—GRESB and more

Easily access the latest certified GRESB GRI, and CDP questionnaires anytime. Save time with auto-complete disclosure for all major sustainability reporting standards. Scale your reporting to include additional reporting schemes such as ENERGY STAR, BREEAM, LEED.

KPI and ROI tracking

Configure and track your KPIs and targets for individual buildings, regions and portfolios. Benchmark individual buildings or entire portfolios against industry standards. Implement an efficient process for scheduled and ad-hoc reporting on all sustainability KPIs. Optimize project management with our advanced forecasting tools, project portfolio and ROI planning features, and big data analytics.

Extensive dataset and best practice projects

Keep all your analyses, reports, and initiatives updated with the most reliable information from the world’s largest sustainability database. Developed over 20 years and continuously updated, it includes: •    10,000 greenhouse gas factors with auto-updates to the database and calculations •    15,000 industry benchmarks • 130,000 best practice projects to share in your organization

Benefits to Your Business

Save time and increase productivity

Reduce the time spent on data collection and any reporting scheme by up to 50%. Keep your focus on portfolio management while maintaining a high quality and audit-proof sustainability performance reporting.

Increase brand value and prepare for international investors

We make it simple to comply with voluntary or mandatory reporting standards as part of your due diligence. Strengthen the positive perception of your portfolio with a strong commitment to sustainability and high-quality reporting.

Increase portfolio value

Easily identify opportunities to conserve resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Use our benchmarking tools to reveal underperforming buildings and access best practices to cut energy use in  buildings by up to 20%. 

Increase reporting accuracy and consistency

Increase data quality and validation with our pre-built workflows. Collect existing data from ERP and metering systems for consistancy and more efficiency. 

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