See the impact of your decisions today on tomorrow’s business

In today’s world, sustainability represents the single biggest opportunity to achieve double digit performance improvements in your business. is a modern, enterprise grade software platform and application store for next-generation operational excellence, sustainable product innovation and compliance. empowers key functions throughout global organizations to work more effectively through dedicated applications, yet uses a common data foundation for information integrity. Its unique monitoring and modeling capabilities for financial and non-financial, present and future business allow for better decisions and drive performance breakthroughs. seamlessly integrates with established enterprise software systems such as ERP, PLM and CAD. It is supported by a large partner eco-system to constantly expand the current portfolio of applications. is complemented by thinkstep’s professional services that draw on the experience of working with 2000 businesses around the world in every major sector for over 20 years. in a nutshell highlights:

Software Applications

Our application suites empower novices and experts alike to view, analyse, and apply sustainability data to their roles in your business.

Data Foundation

Our data foundation gives you a unified, comprehensive view of industrial processes to inform your sustainability strategies.

Cloud Foundation

We make it convenient and cost-effective to manage your enterprise-level sustainability applications in any cloud configuration.


Take advantage of the most comprehensive and flexible web portal available for corporate and product sustainability services.

Key benefits to your business

Enable sustainability-driven innovation

Embed sustainability and compliance evaluations early in your product development process to enable improved designs and innovation 

Grow sales and create new revenue streams

Segment and manage your product portfolio and to insulate your revenue against disruption and access new market opportunities.

Enhance your brand with credible sustainability messages

Communicate transparently about the sustainability performance of your products, organization and value chain to stakeholders 

Improve operational efficiency and reduce cost

Improve operational efficiency and the use of energy and resources for your own operations and your value chain

Increase employee productivity

Automate, scale and integrate processes in data collection, validation and reporting to save time and money

Anticipate and mitigate risks

Anticipate and act upon risks related to regulations or social and environmental impacts in your operations and your value chain.