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The lighter your environmental impact, the greater your potential for success. GaBi LCA software gives you the vision to strike the balance.

GaBi LCA Software

7 billion+ people. 1 planet. Increasing pressure on natural resources makes product life cycle control an urgent priority across industries.

Whether you are an LCA practitioner, product designer, or sustainability executive, GaBi Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software gives you the level of critical sustainability intelligence you need to make an impact on sustainability targets and the bottom line.

GaBi provides the world’s most current, comprehensive, and accurate LCA data. The user-friendly web-based platforms help you track, manage, and optimise every step in your supply chain to inform better decision-making, reduce risks, and reveal opportunities. This is how doing good leads to doing your best.

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GaBi Life Cycle Assessment software provides the world’s most current, comprehensive, and accurate LCA data.

Sustainable supply chain

Key Features

Unrivalled data

With more than 8,400 Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) datasets based on real industry processes, GaBi gives you the power to make sustainability work harder for you. Our LCI data is upgraded annually to ensure your decisions reflect the latest technology, resource, and supply chain conditions. Plus, GaBi’s centralised, user-friendly platform makes it easy to find what you need to benchmark your targets, model product life cycles, and prepare sustainability communications with complete confidence.

Global coverage

GaBi’s comprehensive database makes it simpler for you to achieve high sustainability standards in the global community. Be prepared for policies like the European Commission’s Product Environmental Footprint Initiative (PEF) with deep data that covers all major regions and industry sectors. Easily retrieve and organise information for any environmental product declaration (EPD) required for IBU, EN15804, and other programs. Reliability worldwide is assured: GaBi databases, methods, and governance are independently reviewed by global verification company DEKRA.

Range of applications

GaBi gives you the most user-friendly, flexible research and modeling experiences across a range of applications for every level of sustainability work:

GaBi ts
GaBi Databases
GaBi Envision ts
GaBi Server
GaBi DfX
GaBi Education
Compliance Process Manager

GaBi Applications

GaBi ts

Get the product sustainability software 10,000+ users worldwide rely on for their most important decisions regarding energy use, responsible sourcing, and environmental impact. 


Quickly and easily ensure the end-of-life impact of your products meets all standards with our analysis and automation tools.

GaBi Envision ts

Take the complexity out of LCA modelling to increase quality and reduce time to market for sustainable products. 

GaBi Syndication Server

Centralise workflows and information in a fully transparent system to achieve the greatest efficiency and reduce risks as well as costs.

GaBi Databases

Our unmatched data quality and accuracy lets you substantiate sustainability claims to raise your brand profile, increase revenue, and improve your competitive advantage with confidence.


Our easy to access and use data collection application helps you cut down the time spent on LCA while increasing data quality and consistency.

What our clients say

Tata steel logo
Life Cycle Assessment helps us to fully understand the benefits across the life cycle and assists us in communicating these to our stakeholders. GaBi has opened up so many more opportunities for us. It really is a future proof solution.

Allan Griffin, Tata Steel

Kimberly-Clark logo
Kimberly-Clark was looking for a software tool to enable 'LCA for everyone' that avoided the need to hire new staff or train existing staff on how to model a product. GaBi Reader has allowed our product developers to see the environmental impacts of a proposed modification in less than 15 minutes. It has been the perfect tool for moving LCA into the product development community.

David V. Spitzley, Kimberly-Clark

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