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Sustainability Reporting and Management Software

Automated data collection, powerful reporting tools, and advanced planning features make disclosure and performance management efficient, accurate, and simple.

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Sustainability Reporting and Management

Collecting, sharing, and reporting data are vital for improving sustainability results

However, these workflows often suffer from double-work and complexity. Our Sustainability Reporting and Management Software Suite helps you integrate rapid, accurate sustainability reporting and efficient performance management into your core organizational processes.

Ultimately, you will improve sustainability results by making information easily accessible to all stakeholders, giving them the knowledge to make better business decisions.

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Key Features

Automated data collection

Dramatically reduce time spent collecting, validating, and reporting data with our pre-built workflows. Capture data from existing IT systems and spreadsheets to enable rapid creation of both scheduled and ad-hoc reports. Easily access the latest certified GRI, CDP and SASB questionnaires anytime.

Powerful reporting

Quickly and easily report on all common sustainability standards and ratings such as CDP, GRI, SASB, DJSI, FTSE and many more with our pre-built workflows. Implement efficient dynamic reporting on sustainability KPIs for your entire organization. Optimize performance management with our advanced forecasting tools, project portfolio and ROI planning features, and big data analytics.

Highly configurable

Easily adapt our extensive range of solutions to your business. Choose the best mix of applications, extensions, and data to optimize reporting and compliance. Configure your KPIs, targets, and benchmarking assets for specific sites, business units, and regions, or for your entire organization.

Top Applications

Materiality Analyzer

Materiality assessment in accordance with GRI, IIRC or SASB. Survey stakeholders and build a materiality matrix to prioritize sustainability aspects

CDP Reporter

Accredited CDP responses. Collect, validate and submit performance information to CDP using always the latest questionnaires.

GRI Reporter

Certified GRI sustainability reporting. Build a report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative most recent framework including data collection, data validation and KPI calculation.

Performance Manager

Sustainability Performance Management for the enterprise. Includes KPI analysis, benchmarking, planning and forecasting and sustainability ROI analysis.

Benefits to Your Business

Save time and increase productivity

Reduce the time spent on data collection and reporting by up to 50% while maintaining high quality and audit-proof accuracy. Free-up your time to focus more on developing and meeting sustainability goals. 

Improve resource efficiency

Discover and evaluate your opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy and resource efficiency with our performance management tools. Advanced forecasting, planning, performance management, and results reporting help you save money and reduce risk.

Faster certification and compliance

Speed voluntary reporting and regulatory compliance reporting with instant data quality checks and easily accessible, fully transparent audit trails.

Protect your reputation and brand value

Strengthen the positive perception of your brand with a strong commitment to sustainability. Making high-quality, transparent sustainability information available more frequently to stakeholders. Enhance public awareness of your brand as leader in corporate responsibility.

Better risk management

We prepare you to meet future mandatory requirements and help you identify risks today. Identify underperforming sites with our benchmarking, audit and compliance tools.  

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