Product Sustainability Round Table

Product Sustainability Round Table

Be part of the premier community of practice in the product sustainability space: share with your peers, and learn from their experience.

Product Sustainability Round Table

The Product Sustainability Round Table (PSRT) brings together the sustainability leaders of the world’s most respected companies, from across the value chain, in a non-competitive environment, to address three key questions: What are the major issues & opportunities within the product sustainability space? Why are, or are they not, relevant for my business? How are leading companies addressing these issues?

For over 21 years, the PSRT has been combining the best elements of a dedicated think-tank, an in-house consultant, an industry association working group and multiple large sustainability conferences. In this unique and exclusive forum, members can learn from collective experiences, benchmark performance and tools and deepen their understanding of product sustainability trends.

PSRT members benefit from a range of offerings, including:

  • Regular meetings in both North America and Europe for two individuals from each member company
  • Access to the thinkstep Best Practices Symposium
  • Deliverables following the meetings highlighting key messages, actionable insights, and case studies 
  • Regular updates on emerging issues and regulations
  • A members-only website for information sharing and documentation of PSRT deliverables
  • Regular contact and access to thinkstep’s sustainability expertise

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Being part of our Product Sustainability Round Table will help you to:

Broaden your understanding

Understand a broad scope of emerging sustainability issues as well as member perspectives that represent the entire product value chain.

Focus on your priorities

Understand which issues are material to your business using the PSRT as a filter that focuses on the most important issues and highlights their relevance to you.

Improve your sustainability performance

The PSRT reveals how members have successfully overcome key obstacles. This investigation of success factors allows members to build programs based on collective experience rather than trial and error, enabling you to more effectively respond to sustainability challenges.

Our members include:

The PSRT offers a unique opportunity to dialogue with and learn from sustainability leaders across various industries, leading to diverse and valuable sharing. Current as well as future issues are addressed, which make the PSRT both practical and strategic.


Working with the Product Sustainability Round Table helps us network with our industry peers and keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of Sustainability. To survive it is imperative that we keep ahead of the game and PSRT membership allows us to do this.

Stanley Black & Decker,

The combined expertise of thinkstep and the product sustainability leaders from a broad spectrum of global businesses makes the PSRT invaluable as a networking, learning and best practice sharing environment. Highly recommended!