Develop a sustainable product strategy with Product Portfolio Analysis & Improvement

Portfolio Analysis & Improvement Consulting Service

Let your commitment to sustainability shine out of every product you take to market.

Product Portfolio Analysis & Improvement

Sustainability across the entire portfolio

thinkstep empowers you to develop a sustainable product strategy with a clear vision, clear set of marketing messages, and the tools and process changes necessary to drive continual improvements in your sustainable product portfolio. Our proven process includes the following steps:

  • Conduct environmental and/or social hotspot analysis of key products or product groupings
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis on the marketplace to reflect competitor positioning and stakeholder pressures
  • Assess new product development process and existing ‘sustainable’ products

  • Define what a more sustainable product means and develop appropriate criteria and product attributes
  • Facilitate a workshop to engage your senior leaders and key decision-makers on the strategy
  • Analyze your development process to improve decision making
  • Help you roll out new procedures, systems, and training activities

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Developing a sustainable product portfolio strategy will enable you to:

Differentiate products in the market

Align product development with evolving customer expectations for sustainability.

Improve product development

Understand which impacts are most important to customers, and increase consistency and efficiency in product development processes. Achieve sustainability goals without inhibiting other product development performance objectives.

Enhance supply chain

Identify areas of greatest influence in the product supply chain, and drive greater efficiencies.