1st Aug 2017

Latest developments in Semiconductor Sustainability, Aug 1, 2017

Find out, how to properly address the continuous changes in semiconductor manufacturing with our...


13th Jul 2017

GaBi 8.0 Release Webinar July 13th, 2017

GaBi 8.0 Webinar- find out more about the latest developments in GaBi.


16th May 2017

GaBi Envision 3.0 Webinar 16.05.17

Take a look at our GaBi Envision 3.0 release webinar!


11th May 2017

tripleS - Portfolio Sustainability Assessment Webinar

Sustainability can be a driver for business success. Studies show that revenue growth from...


10th May 2017

GaBi Envision 3.0 Webinar

Take a look at our GaBi Envision 3.0 release webinar!


5th Apr 2017

Audit & Assurance – the Icing on the Sustainability Cake

According to the latest Edelman Trust Barometer, trust is in crisis. The suspicion of greenwash is...


8th Mar 2017

Sustainability Reporting – A changing landscape

Be it the transition from GRI G4 to the new GRI Standards, the national impact of the EU Non-...


23rd Feb 2017

Water footprint - Regionalized water flows in GaBi

​Following the latest developments in the water footprint methodology, new regionalized water flows...


21st Feb 2017

Water Footprint - Introduction & Methodology

Join thinkstep's water expert Daniel Thylmann for an introduction to water footprinting. He will...


15th Feb 2017

What's new in GaBi Databases '17

The new edition of GaBi Databases, GaBi Databases '17, will be released on January 31, 2017. GaBi...


7th Dec 2016

Webinar replay - Embracing Circular Economy to Drive Business Value Part II – a case study deep dive

In our October 26th webinar we briefly covered some examples demonstrating circular economy. The...

material data management Webinar

22nd Nov 2016

Material Data Management: Your Key to Product Innovation

Topics include best practices in materials driven product design, key innovation strategies, and...