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20th Nov 2017

How to handle key sustainability issues of products and ingredients in the cosmetics industry

This topic was discussed at this year's Sustainable Cosmetics Summit in Paris involving Margarida...


20th Nov 2017

Helping organisations downunder to succeed sustainably

thinkstep recently had the rare opportunity to be part of a discussion with German President Frank-...


10th Nov 2017

thinkstep on the move with e-mobility

E-mobility is a buzzword superficially hailed as the holy grail of environment-friendly road...


9th Nov 2017

How thinkstep solutions help companies meet their sustainability goals.

In a recent article on Harvard Business Review Michael W. Lamach, Chairman and Chief Executive...


21st Sep 2017

Impressions from our Customer Workshop in Echterdingen

Here are some impressions from our customer workshop on the 20th September 2017 in Echterdingen.

map of europe News

12th Sep 2017

Shell and ITM Power plan for bulk hydrogen production through electrolysis

Shell and ITM Power have revealed plans to install a large scale electrolyser to produce hydrogen (...

Europe flags News

6th Apr 2017

4 years EU Environmental Footprint initiative – past, status, and outlook of expected policy details

How the PEF and OEF can be expected to be used in EU policy and industry

Two man looking at tablet News

6th Apr 2017

What experts at thinkstep say on the EU Environmental Footprint

Experts of thinkstep talking about the EU Environmental Footprint


19th Jan 2017

thinkstep, Inc. Joins Low-Carbon USA Movement

thinkstep is a proud signatory of the Low-Carbon USA movement. Together with hundreds of businesses...


14th Dec 2016

thinkstep Delivers First EPDs for Paint in Australia for Dulux

Leading sustainability consulting firm thinkstep worked with Dulux to deliver three EPDs...