Maximising value and effectiveness of collaborative product sustainability

Date: 14/01/2014

Collaborative product sustainability offers significant benefits in-house for your core LCA team, improving quality, and consistency while reducing time and costs.

To deliver real value back to your team and the wider organisation it requires much more than giving more people access to product sustainability data and methods.


Basic building blocks for collaborative sustainability

Collaborative LCA needs to provide a single reference database (ideally), to ensure the quality and consistency in project work.

Databases need to be stored to an enterprise IT location, to centrally manage records, create a reference library of all projects, especially important when looking to preserve and transfer corporate knowledge to new stakeholders. Additional security and data protection, such as regular backup and archiving, provide extra peace of mind.

Centralising the data shouldn’t in anyway impact the performance delivered to individual LCA practitioners. Additional and more robust quality checking is required to maintain data consistency.

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