Metals and mining

Demonstrating responsible management of materials from extraction through to end-of-life is critical to your business.

Metals and Mining

Create a more sustainable future with insight and transparency.

Finite resources and resource-intensive production make sustainability an urgent priority in the metals and mining industries. The pressure to establish credible sustainability programs requires ongoing innovation plus careful reporting to make your contribution to sustainable development as well as your  impact clear to the public as well as internal stakeholders.

We offer the most comprehensive data for gaining insight to your materials and throughout your value chain. Our experienced consultants can help you strategise, set targets and develop transparent reporting. With thinkstep as your partner in sustainable performance, you can proactively identify and respond to  the most significant sustainability risks and opportunities for your business.

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Some of our Metals and Mining clients

We help you succeed with:

Sustainability Strategy and Program Development

Use our 20 years of expertise to help you define sustainability performance for your organisation, manage the impact of materials and products and ensure continuous improvement of environmental social and governance initiatives.

Product Disclosure & Transparency

We provide the deepest data available at the material and energy levels to help you produce watertight Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

Corporate Reporting and performance improvement

Easily access standardized data on your organisation’s sustainability performance. Our reporting tools make it easy to communicate the results and opportunities to all stakeholders  as well as use the base data for scenario planning and improvement.

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