Webinar replay - Streamlining SASB reporting


Streamlining Corporate Sustainability Data Tracking and Reporting

Investors increasingly rely on this ESG information to make informed investment decisions. In fact, it can be a liability not to adequately report this information. SASB reporting standards take the guesswork out of reporting. Each industry-specific standard is cost-effective, evidence-based, decision-useful and grounded in financial materiality.

The 80 industry standards support the measurement and management of sustainability risks and opportunities most likely to impact value.

Do you have questions about SASB standards? We have answers.

Join SASB and thinkstep to learn:

  • How SASB defines materiality, how that differs from GRI and IIRC’s definition of materiality, and why that difference matters
  • About SASB’s methodology for materiality and how it differs from others
  • How to apply, and get business value from, the SASB standards
  • How to streamline your reporting program


Jenn Clipsham, Principal Consultant Corporate Strategy Solutions, thinkstep

Doug Park, JD PhD, Director of Legal Policy & Outreach, SASB

Eli Reisman, Product Manager, SASB

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