Webinar replay - GRESB Reporting 101


The Business Case for a Sustainability Platform

With the publication of the 2014 GRESB survey on April 1st 2014 the reporting season for real estate companies is open. Collecting the data required from both managed and indirectly managed assets is or will present a significant challenge over the coming months, so getting the data right and ensuring that efforts are focussed on the most important aspects is vital.

Elsbeth Quispel, Head of Sustainability for GRESB, explains the changes to the new survey and will go on to explain the scoring methodology they use to clssify respondants as Green Starters or Green Leaders. .

Matthias Münzing demonstrates how thinkstep can help simplify and harmonize your data collection, and be better prepared for 3rd party auditing or for an audit by GRESB if you are selected.

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