Webinar replay - Embracing Circular Economy to Drive Business Value Part II – a case study deep dive


In our October 26th webinar we briefly covered some examples demonstrating circular economy. The audience was very engaged on the topic and asked many detailed questions. We ran out of time to go into more detail so we, in partnership with Sustainable Brands bring you a second webinar to dig deeper into actual examples of circular models. We cover LCA as a tool for circular as well as examples from the packaging and building products industries.

In this second webinar we don’t cover the theories behind Circular Economy. You may want to review our first webinar for that. This webinar focuses on actual examples from business of Circular Economy in action.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how LCA can inform next steps in the development of circular models.
  • See, in more detail, examples of how Circular Economy principles have been applied and integrated into companies to bring value to their organizations.
  • Key considerations for embracing circular into packaging scenarios.

Speaker Bio:

Lise Molander, thinkstep Principal Consultant of Circular Economy and Director of Strategic Accounts, Nordic Region

Lise is a principal consultant at thinkstep and an expert on innovation, design and implementation of sustainability strategies, supplier engagement, and alternative material selection. She has worked with circular economy since 2009, and is an expert in implementation of strategies, green business models, resource efficiency, alternative material selection, industrial symbiosis, and radical innovation processes. She has over 18 years of industrial and consultancy experience in sustainability, EHS, innovation, facilitation, eco-design, cradle-to-cradle and circular economy on corporate level.

Speaker Intro:

Lise Molander is a Principal Consultant at thinkstep where she heads up the global company’s Circular Economy offerings. Lise has over 18-years’ experience in both industry and consulting in sustainability, EHS, innovation, eco-design, cradle-to-cradle and circular economy at the corporate level. She is based in thinkstep’s Copenhagen office.

Social media:

Twitter: @thinkstep

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