Webinar replay - Circular Economy


Linking LCA, sustainability strategies and the new circular Indicators.

Everybody is talking about Circular Economy and all agree that it’s one of the paths to a sustainable future. Large corporations and governments alike are keen to address the possibilities with the mindset of circular economy.

In this webinar replay we briefly present the mindset of circular economy, but the majority of the webinar is on practical solutions, impact on your business when implementing circular solutions or business models, how to ‘prove’ your business or products circularity and much more.

  • Understand how and where circular economy can create value for your business
  • Understand how LCA can help you assess the environmental impact of you product when designed to be part of a circular solution
  • Be aware of the basic steps need to decide where to start going circular
  • A teaser of the GaBi solution for smart calculation of the Circular Indicators
  • Have clarity on what your next actions are
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