thinkstep at TRA 2018

Date: 19/04/2018

Stefan Eckert, Senior Consultant, Global Service Delivery/ Energy & Mobility/ Transport & Logistics from thinkstep visited the TRA 2018.

Stefan Eckert, Senior Consultant, Global Service Delivery/ Energy & Mobility/ Transport& Logistics from thinkstepgave a presentation about "EuroCombis in Germany – “ecocombis” or “climate killers”? in the session “Life Cycle Assessment in Transportation” on April 17.


TRA 2018 is an arena for researchers, companies and public authorities active in the field of transport. It welcomed policy makers and stakeholders framing research and transport policy. Together they shared and discussed new ideas, research results, technological solutions and new business models. Together they experienced and shaped the future of transport and mobility for people and goods.

Key focus areas were:

  • How digitalisation is transforming transport & mobility systems
  • Decarbonisation & future growth – how to change our mobility system & remain competitive
  • Shaping the new mobility landscape – a vision for transport & mobility for Europe

The TRA 2018 programme included a range of different session formats that offered ample opportunity to share information on recent findings and to discuss the aforementioned challenges and opportunities. In scientific and technical sessions, a broad spectrum of research and innovation activities was discussed, ranging from basic research findings over application-oriented engineering and socio-economic aspects to policies and standards.

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