thinkstep at Designing for the environment with composites

Date: 20/03/2018

Peter Shonfield, Technical Director (UK) thinkstep, was speaking on GaBi Envision at Composites UK.

Composites UK is an open event of the Composites UK Sustainability Subgroup. It gave an overview of how we are progressing knowledge in different sectors, seeking to give practical advice for designers and manufacturers. It presented some case studies for composite products and showcased tools for analysing the impact at design stage.

thinkstep was invited to present on GaBi Envision – our eco-design tool for non-LCA experts – to Composites UK (representing manufacturers and users of composite materials in the UK). The event highlighted the growing interest in the composite materials sector to better understand their impact on the environment and look for ways to improve their sustainability performance. Some major users attended such as Rolls Royce and Jaguar Land Rover along with smaller specialist users such as Land Rover BAR, that is designing and building the high-tech yacht for the next Americas Cup race in 2021.

The event helped Composites UK to identify the challenges relating to developing better data for composite manufacturing processes and to propose solutions for overcoming these.

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