From chocolate to solar heating

PE Symposium 2013 | Ritter Group Alfred T. Ritter & Moritz Ritter

Being ecologically consequent means to think in generations. The third generation of the Ritter family gives us a fine example for lateral business development. For Alfred T. Ritter it is no contradiction to make chocolate and also produce ecological heating systems.

For his son Moritz Ritter being “ecoquent” means, that innovation does not need to be focused on the classical business fields. The Ritter Carbon Balance Method, developed together with thinkstep, is a new way of using Carbon Footprints as a supervising instrument for the company and a new concept of corporate social responsibility.

Alfred T. Ritter, Chair of the Advisory Board, Owner, Founder & Moritz Ritter, Member of the Advisory Board, Owner; Ritter Group

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