Vinyl 2010 Sustainable Development: Progress Report 2003

Date: 24/07/2003

The Vinyl 2010 ( program has a strong scientific and technological element and progress is therefore closely linked to advances in these areas. This is why Vinyl 2010 verifies and evaluates its findings and progress on a regular basis, looks for new solutions and tests new ways toward PVC sustainability.

Extract of the study:

PE INTERNATIONAL, a spin-off of the Institute for Polymer Testing and Polymer Science (IKP) of the University of Stuttgart, was contracted by Vinyl 2010 in early 2002 to carry out such an ecoefficiency study. Titled "PVC Recovery Options: Ecological and Economical System Analysis", the study investigated various treatment options for mixed cable waste.

Read the complete study here.

The ecoefficiency study was performed with the GaBi 4 software system.