thinkstep announced new Indian LCA Database

Date: 09/10/2015

At the 2015 Indian Life Cycle Conference in New Delhi, thinkstep announced its newest member of the GaBi LCA databases: The Indian Database.

It is expected to play a significant role in satisfying growing demands of the Indian LCA and data market as well as being a strong foundation in the roadmap process towards the development of an Indian national database.

There was a common understanding among the delegates that a suitable Indian database needs consistent Indian background data as much as realistic Indian foreground data.

Involving relevant stakeholders of database developers, foreground data providers and Indian initiatives and drivers of LCA in a collaborative and constructive manner in order to define a suitable roadmap seems to be the most promising pathway to meet the demand of industry borne and Indian sourced data with a view to develop a Indian national database.

thinkstep, an official supporter and speaker of the conference, was represented by Rajesh Kumar Singh and Ritesh Agrawal from our Indian offices, and Martin Baitz, the head of the global database & content development.

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