GaBi 4 Features

Date: 17/10/2003
  • Integrated tool for decision support
  • Guides the user from conception up to analysis
  • LCA incl. ISO 14040 assistance
  • Transparency and flexibility
  • Scenario calculation and sensitivity analysis by parameter variation
  • Life Cycle Working Time
  • Advanced presentation of results
  • New options of visualization

Overview of GaBi 4 Key Features:

  • LCI Modeling: Simple and complex modeling without or with parameterization (Process, Plan, and Global parameters; optional integration of flow properties),
  • Sustainability: Cost modeling improved, Working environment social modeling integrated
  • Helpful Features: Parameter explorer, Consistency checker, 100% data conversion from GaBi3 to GaBi4, Additional visualization features in model, balance, and analyst functions
  • Balance Analysis: Speedy calculation, Weak-point analysis, Filtering balances, Scenario calculation, Parameter variation, Sensitivity analysis, Fast and flexible Monte-Carlo analysis
  • Learning Support: Direct links to handbook, On line help, Database documentation, Animated handbook (in preparation), GaBi software website
  • Database Handling: Database manager, Language translator, Export to Excel, Extended search and maneuvering functions for database