How thinkstep solutions help companies meet their sustainability goals.

Date: 09/11/2017

In a recent article on Harvard Business Review Michael W. Lamach, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ingersoll Rand, describes how his company connected their strategic vision around sustainability with meaningful operational changes and explains how a collaboration with thinkstep played a crucial role along the way.

Ingersoll Rand is a 146-year-old organization that over the past few years integrated sustainability and business strategy to anticipate and address major global trends, most prominently climate change. Through their climate commitment they try to help solve the unsustainable demand for energy resources and its impact on the environment. When it came to connecting their strategic vision around sustainability with meaningful operational changes, Ingersoll Rand learned that tracking and measuring the progress is vital in order to succeed.

In partnership with thinkstep, they created a series of product greenhouse gas calculators to track their product-related emissions, including emissions generated from electricity. Through the web-based calculators, the company was able to distribute the responsibility of data collection across their internal teams, analyze data and report results in a consistent, transparent and credible way. Furthermore, by sharing these results with their external partners and customers, they were able to provide even deeper insight into the efficiency of their products which can help informing them as they set goals of their own.