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"thinkstep’s expert guidance in conducting  a benchmark LCA mainly focusing on carbon and water footprinting has been a key part of developing our sustainability strategy and allowed us to further develop our ongoing environmental programme." Dave Maslen, Sustainability and Innovation Manager, New Zealand Merino Company

New Zealand Merino Company is a marketing and industry development organisation promoting the New Zealand Merino Wool fibre domestically and internationally.

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Free Sustainability Case Study: New Zealand Merino - Transforming the New Zealand Wool industry. Using LCA to support innovation and sustainability across the supply chain.

NZM wanted to reduce their environmental footprint across the life cycle of their wool products throughout their entire operations, including their supply chain partners. thinkstep undertook an extensive Life Cycle Assessment study of NZM’s wool products, throughout their entire value chain. The study was supported by brand partner Icebreaker and required the cooperation of six leading supply chain partners across the globe.

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