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BASF is the world’s leading chemical company: The Chemical Company. Its portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics, performance products and crop protection products to oil and gas.

With over 96,000 employees they serve customers and partners in almost all countries of the world. BASF helps their customers to be more successful through intelligent system solutions and high-quality products. Through new technologies they can tap into additional market opportunities. BASF conducts their business in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

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Free Sustainability Case Study: BASF - Sustainable Solution Steering™ - Optimise the sustainability performance of your product portfolio

Sustainable Solution Steering ™ is a comprehensive sustainability evaluation and decision-making process for entire businesses, developed by BASF.

This process helps you identify solutions and products that make a significant contribution in terms of sustainability within their sector, region and application. It provides a solid foundation to manage and develop your product portfolio and actively addresses changing regulations, customer requirements and societal expectations

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