EU Projects

Current EU Projects



The primary industrial objective of the PLEIADES project is to enable an integrated approach for the eco-design of aerospace products.

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The idea behind FC-HyGuide: Development of Guidance Document for performing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on Fuel Cells (FCs) and Hydrogen (H2) Technologies


CONSTRUCTION21 is the winner of a call of proposals "Intelligent Energy for Europe". This collaborative platform aims to help practitioners discover and develop new ways of sustainable building.

Don Quichote

The Don Quichote project aims to demonstrate the technical and economic viability of an integrated hydrogen storage system for renewable electricity linked to a hydrogen refueling facility as an interesting commercial opportunity connecting intermittent renewable electricity to transport applications.

Urban EV

Urban EV aims to demonstrate new lighter and affordable architectures for the principal components of vehicles of its kind.


eCAIMAN will develop a more powerful battery by modifying and improving individual components and technologies to result in a significant overall improvement of the cell. Key innovations include a 5V high- voltage spinel, a high- capacity composite anode, and a stable high- voltage electrolyte. Their cumulative effect will improve total cell capacity by at least 20%.

Former EU Projects


One of the biggest challenges faced nowadays by humanity is the search for a healthy balance between economic development, biodiversity and environmental protection.


FENIX – Giving Packaging a New Life - is a 3-year European LIFE+ project which will create a user-friendly and flexible tool for assisting municipalities, communities and regions of Spain and Portugal to easily obtaining environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) results on packaging waste management.


CILECCTA has brought top class academical and industrial researchers, associations and enterprises together in a consortium to develop a suite of software that will enable the assessment of sustainable options providing decision support.

EeBGuide Project

The European research project “EeBGuide” aims to develop metrics for the preparation of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies for energy-efficient buildings and building products.


The ELIBAMA (European Li-Ion Battery Advanced Manufacturing) project aims at enhancing and accelerating the creation of a strong European automotive battery industry structured around industrial companies already committed to mass production of Li-ion cells and batteries for EVs.


Evaluation of energy efficiency of alternative processes and technology chains


UltraWire (Ultra Conductive Copper-Carbon Nanotube Wire) is the European Commission 7th Framework Programme (EC FP7) project (Grant Agreement No. 609057), with 14 partners from industry and academia that started on the 1st October 2013 and it will run until 30th September 2016.


ALIVE (Adavanced High Volume Affordable LIghtweighting for Future Electric VEhicles) aims to develop key vehicle lightweighting technologies based on advanced metal and hybrid materials.


The DRAGON project is aimed at achieving resource efficiency in tunnelling and other underground construction processes by turning the excavation material into a valuable resource for other processes and sectors such as the cement, steel, ceramic or glass industries.